How much is my ring worth?

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2014 10:35PM EDT

Our staff is unable to identify the value of your ring. You can figure your ring’s approximate value by following these simple steps:

1. If the ring has '14k' or similar information imprinted on the inside of the band then you have a ring that is worth $100+. We advise that you take it to a jeweler to get a verbal estimate to see if it is worth $100's or $1,000's.

2. If the ring has 'Thailand' or something similar imprinted on the inside of the band it is most likely worth $100 or less.

3. Unmarked rings are likely to be toward the $10 range but could be valued up to $100.

4. Still not quite certain? Upload a picture of your ring to our Facebook page. Our active Diamond Candles community has become very skilled at telling if it is a $10 level ring or a $100+ level ring.

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