How can I clean out my candle jar after it burns?

Last Updated: May 21, 2012 04:30PM EDT

To clean your jar after you are finished burning it, here are some tips to get it looking like new.

Once you are done burning your candle and have no wick left and no or very little wax left, dig the rest of the wax out. Run hot water in your jar with a small amount of dish soap and scrub sides and bottom. There should be no more soy left in your jar. Once you are finished, take the labels off. If you have sticky left on the outside of your jar, use some common cleaner or 'sticky label' remover liquid that you could pick up at a drugstore, grocery store, or home improvement store.

Please note that the wax does have the potential to clog a drain so if there is even just a little bit of wax that you are unable to use and need to dispose of we recommend putting it in a trash can before washing out the candle.

Some people also recommend  putting the jar in the freezer for a little while which causes the wax to contract and then it will just easily pop right out with a butter knife.

Once you are done you will have a gorgeous glass jar that you can use to store any number of things or use for decoration or crafts.

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